Line Production

Film & video production companies , ad agencies, film directors, documentary & corporate filmmakers looking for local Delhi's line Producer in the country of colours & cultural diversity, the local traditions which you will never exists anywhere in the world , locations like Delhi.

  • Film production: have an in-depth knowledge of how films are made, love of the process, good contacts in the industry
  • Negotiation: get the best deals for services, keep everyone happy, especially when there’s a gap between the director’s aspiration and what there is to spend
  • Knowledge of law: understand health and safety, insurance and personnel legislation
  • Essentially all departments report to the line producer. All heads of department create budgets for their departments and work closely with the line producer to know what they can and can’t have and have their costs approved.
  • Production managers are second-in-line to the line producer. While the line producer sets the limits on budgets and negotiates the key contracts, production managers carry out the decisions that have been made.
  • Secretaries provide administrative assistance to the line producer, production manager, and production co-ordinators. They organise travel, accommodation and supplies and assist with production paperwork such as contracts, documents and script changes.
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